Rihanna smacks fan with her mic

    Rihanna briefly tangled with a grabby fan during a United Kingdom show for her Diamonds World Tour.

    Don’t get too handsy with Rihanna unless you want to get popped!

    During a recent show in Birmingham, Rihanna was walking along the front row connecting with fans. Running her hands through the crowd and singing “We Found Love,” RiRi took a casual stroll among her Navy when she got snagged on one of her soldiers. Rather, one fan decided that she wouldn’t let go of the singer when she passed by in an attempt to make their moment together last a little longer.

    Atfer making several attempts to tear herself away from the fan, who had a firm grasp on her sleeve, Rihanna reached over and hit the person with her microphone. Initially, a clip of the incident (seen below) caused quite a stir on the Internet as people were outraged that Rihanna would hit a fan.

    One Instagram user with the handle Ririrobz speculated that Rihanna only smacked the person by accident. However, Rihanna quickly denied their argument stating that she had every intention of hitting her overzealous fan, stating, “Purpose!!! That b*tch won’t let me go!”

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