Kelly Rowland denies being jealous of Beyoncé

    Kelly Rowland

    Kelly Rowland wants to set the record straight and clear up any misconceptions that she’s envious of Beyoncé.

    When Kelly released “Dirty Laundry” last month, she had people talking because she sang about feeling upset that she didn’t get to shine as brightly as Bey when they were in Destiny’s Child. Although Kelly ws happy that her dear friend was getting to really show off her talent, she felt like her talents weren’t showcased enough.

    The quiet contention only continued when the band split up and Beyoncé’s solo career took off while Kelly’s was stuck in neutral. She commented on her inner conflict, singing, “While my sister was on stage, killing it like a motherf*cker, I was enraged, feeling it like a motherf*cker.”

    While the vast majority of people took this to mean that Kelly was jealous of Beyoncé, the “Kisses Down Low” singer told “Good Morning America” that this was simply not the case.
    “I’m not saying I’m jealous of her by any means!” Kelly clarified. “It’s so sad that people always go straight to that place [of jealousy]. It’s ridiculous. It’s basically about me going through some struggles in my life while she was doing her thing.”

    “Dirty Laundry” is featured on Kelly’s new album Talk A Good Game, which has just been released, and many critics say that it is her most revealing project to date.

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