Kevin Hart’s ex-wife gets faux reality show

    Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart is getting a reality show of her own that might remind of you “Real Husbands of Hollywood.”

    Torrei, who’s found fame as half of the comedian duo Pretty Funny Fish, has just revealed that she’s taking her act to TV!

    The actress dished that she has joined the cast of an upcoming reality series that will draw a little bit on the concept behind one of VH1’s hit series. That could be beause she’s working with some of the creative minds behind the show in question.

    “The producers of ‘Hollywood Exes,’ I’m actually working with them right now. We have the cast together; fingers crossed, it looks like something is going to be happening very soon,” Torrei told “The cast that we put together is a very good cast. And its not going to be just like ‘Hollywood Exes,’ but it’s in that vein.”

    She added, “It’s going to be some wives, some ex-wives. Some big players in Hollywood, some real estate–money managing people.”

    Torrei stated that she and producers will then throw in a splash of two other shows just to shake things up a little. Then the creators are rounding it off with touch of another familiar concept from Kevin’s hit BET series. “It’s in that vein, but we’re going to be bringing a whole different twist to it,” Torrei teased. “It’s reality. Faux-reality, I guess you could say. Kind of documentary style as well. Sort of like the feel of [Eva Marcille’s show ‘Girlfriend Confidential’].”

    Like many reality show divas, Torrei will bring a familiar sidekick along the ride as her Pretty Funny Fish partne Simone Shephard is set to make a few appearance on the show.

    “She’s gotta be on the show. I’m with her every single day,” Torrei explained before listing off some of her other cast members. “Tyrese’s ex-wife Norma, Miguel Nunez, Rockmond Dunbar’s ex-wife, Mara Granderson, she is a big time real estate agent, money manager, phenomenal woman….It’s six of us.

    But the cast is bring more to the table than their relationships Torrei said. “It’s a great cast of women, and nots just women who are using a man’s name to move your self worth, they are actually very talented and driven,” she stated.

    “Russell Simmons is launching called, ‘All Def Digital’ in mid-July,” Torrei added. “They approached us and they loved our work and so they asked if we would supply the site with content. Now we’re working on two sketches and they loved them.”

    Giving fans just a hint of what’s to come, Torrei dished on a couple of the things she and Simone are working on for Russell. “One is ‘America’s Best Twerker,’ so yes I will be twerkinh,” Torrei revealed. “Barbara Walters sketch with Nicki Minaj where I transform into Barbara Walters. The story is Nicki Minaj’s butt implants have deflated and so when her butt implants deflated so did her career.”

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