Kordell Stewart ordered to pay Porsha Stewart spousal support

Porsha Stewart & Kordell Stewart

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Kordell Stewart has been ordered to shell out some spousal support to his estranged wife Porsha Stewart.

Score one for Porsha!

Despite his argument that he shouldn’t have to pay to keep Porsha in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed, the court has decided otherwise.

The Hip Hop Enquirer reports that a Fulton County Court judge ordered Kordell to pay Porsha $5,000 a month in spoual support. It’s not clear how long he’ll have to pay her, but court documents show that this is a temporary order.

Kordell must also return anything he took from Porsha or pay to have it put in storage. And there’s no word on who will be paying the court fees.

Porsha and Kordell are also still arguing over whether or not a prenuptial agreement was in place when they got married. When Kordell filed for divorce, his legal team stated that he and Porsha would not be dividing up the marital assets. This indicates that there was a prenuptial agreement, but Porsha made it a point to tell her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars oncamera that they did not have one.


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