Osborne blunder validates Obama’s love of R&B

    Barack obama, Jeffrey Osborne, George OsborneIt’s no secret that the president, who once sang a few lines of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” has an affinity for R&B, but that love for the genre may have caused a slip-up when Barack Obama continued to get his Osbornes mixed up.

    The president was speaking at the recent G8 Summit and repeatedly referred to UK Finance Minister George Osborne as Jeffrey [Osborne], the singer responsible for ‘70s and ‘80s hits like “Love Ballad” and “You Should Be Mine.”

    According to reports, Barack used the name Jeffrey, instead of George, at least three times throughout his speech.

    After realizing the slip, Barack apologized to George, who reportedly laughed it off; though, onlookers described it as a “crushing blow” and “cringe-worthy.”

    “I’m sorry, man. I must have confused you with my favorite R&B singer,” Barack said, according to The Sun.

    Jeffrey, who hadn’t realized Barack was a fan, admitted he was flattered by the error.

    “I was really delighted actually. I was really not aware that [Barack] was that much of a fan,” Jeffrey told Sky News Television.

    The R&B legend offered to do a duet with George, but the Chancellor declined.

    “Jeff you wouldn’t suggest a duet if you’d heard me,” George tweeted.


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