Date Night With Redaric Williams

    Redaric Williams“Young & the Restless” hottie, Redaric Williams isn’t exactly winning at love on the daytime soup, but he tries to make sure his three sisters, including a twin, are equipped to play the game well.

    He admitted getting into a lot of fights when he was younger, but the once protective model-turned-actor, has learned to live by the mantra: “If you love it, I like it.” However, he may still offer his siblings some romantic advice from the male perspective from time to time.

    Find out what he tells his sisters and get more in the July 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    Tracy: What advice do you give your sisters?
    Redaric: Don’t be naïve. I always tell [my twin sister], make sure that whatever your objective is, that you address that. Sometimes guys tend to get a little too caught up in the masculine, wanting things their way. Make sure you stand your ground as a woman and make sure that you’re assertive in that way. Your opinion does make a difference. Always be respected.

    Tracy: Should men always pay?
    Redaric: I think a man should pay. However, don’t put yourself in a situation where a guy starts to pay for things and then they start to feel like they have something over you or anything like that. A woman should always be capable, but she’s not responsible.

    Get more from Redaric in the July 2013 issue.

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