Derek J insulted by ‘too cute to be gay’ barb

    Derek JStraight women have officially enraged celebrity hairstylist Derek J, who utilized Instagram to vent his frustrations on DL stereotypes.

    The openly gay “Real Housewives of Atlanta” regular isn’t amused when women comment that a man is “too fine to be gay.” He seemingly takes that kind of personally.

    “I am riled up this morning because I don’t think that people understand the effect when you say ‘he to fine to be gay,’” he wrote. “You basically saying we all ugly and ugly people suppose to be gay and that’s not cool!”

    It’s unclear what specific instance set the “Fashion Queens” star off, but it might have been the airing of the recent Dark Girls documentary. What’s the connection? Derek compared colorism in the Black community to the “he too fine to be gay” thing.

    “[Too] fine to be gay is the same thang as ‘you cute for a dark skin girl or a big girl’ come on ppl…” said Derek who clarified that it’s not exactly a “waste” when a fine man is attracted to other men.

    “It’s just not going into you,” he said.

    Derek also shed light on his definition of “DL” or “down low.” To Derek, that term does not apply to any gay man who opts not to wear women’s clothes and accessories.

    “Just because a man don’t look gay doesn’t mean he is D.L.,” he wrote. “Just cause a man is not walking around with a ‘I am gay shirt’ or cause you can’t visible see he is gay doesn’t mean he on the DL.”

    Derek took it one step further and argued that just because someone may have had a same-sex sexual experience, doesn’t make him or her a homosexual.

    “Here is a thought I want you to sit on ‘your sexual experiences does not define your sexuality’ so if I go have sex with a woman does that make me straight?” he asked.

    However, not everyone agreed with Derek. One of the comments left in response to his posts read: “If you a man lust for another man you’re pretty much gay.”

    Have you ever thought a handsome man was “too cute to be gay”? What did you mean by that? Leave your comments below.


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