Paula Deen hires Judy Smith


    Paula Deen has turned to a Black woman to help save her public image! The former Food Network star has enlisted the help of Judy Smith.

    Much like people on “Scandal,” which was inspired by Judy, Paula has hired the crisis manager to help save what is left of her career. After admitting last week during a deposition that she had used the n-word in the past, Food Network decided not to renew her contract and Smithfield Foods dropped her from their deal.

    Since Paula is looking to do major damage control, Judy is definitely the right woman for the job.

    In her career as a crisis manager, Judy has respresented several celebrities including Michael Vick, Wesley Snipes, Kobe Bryant. She has also stepped in to help out infamous citizens caught up in political scandals like Bill Clinton’s one-time mistress Monica Lewinsky and Gen. David Petraeus’ mistress.

    Paula hired Judy after she canceled her appearance on “Today,” which should have happened last Friday. Instead, Paula sat down for a tearful interview with Matt Lauer yesterday.

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