Ron Isley still has something to prove

    Ron IsleyRon Isley, also known for his “Mr. Big” alter-ego, recently opened up to S2S about his new CD, why men should go old school when it comes to wooing a lady, and the family-affair tour that includes both his current wife/background singer kandy and his ex-wife, songstress Angela Winbush.

    What are the greatest lessons he learned during his two-year stint in prison for tax evasion, and why would he do it all over again? Find out in the July 2013 issue and get a preview here.


    LaToya Foster: Do you still get the same excitement and butterflies when you hit that stage?
    Ron: It’s like I’m starting all over again.

    LaToya: That’s interesting. It would seem like when you walk out there it’s just with so much ease. It’s just second nature now.
    Ron:You’re right. I never get butterflies, but I feel the same thing that I felt when we first started. You know, something to prove, something to show the audience.

    LaToya: What do you have to prove?
    Ron: You have to prove that you can still be good, you can sing those songs like they want to hear them. Just that, you know, I can’t do the splits no more. [laughs]

    LaToya: Do you still try a little bit? [laughter]
    Ron: No, I ain’t gonna try that and tear up my pants. [laughter]

    Wiz KhalifaGet more from Ron in the July 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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