Stacey Dash slammed for supporting Paula Deen


    Stacey Dash is taking a lot of heat again, this time over decision to stick up for Paula Deen.

    Last year, Stacey got in trouble with Black voters online for supporting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Immediately she was labeled as a traitor by voters backing President Barack Obama.

    She went against popular opinio again earlier this week. The former “Single Ladies” star, spoke out on behalf of Paula, who admitted last week during a deposition that she had used the n-w*rd. “God does everything for a reason” Stacey tweeted at Paula on Tuesday. “Only God can judge your heart BTW my daughter loves your show (only way she can get me to cook),”

    Much like the time before, people on Twitter wasted no time in voicing their opinion that Stacey was taking the wrong side. “You are a complete fool. Ever dumber than Paula,” one user wrote.

    A second person got a clever with criticism, tweeting, “Man you really are Clueless, huh?” another sniped.
    Another user accused Stacey of trying to get on Paula’s good side in hopes of snagging a job, tweeting, “Wanna be cast as a slave at her next event? Since you’re showing support and all.”

    Still someone else felt the need to remind Stacey that there are other famous chefs that don’t use racial offensive language, writing, “Shaking my head. (P.S. Stacey, there are a ton of great cooking shows featuring people who aren’t racist).”

    Stacey has not responded to the criticism at this time.

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