Daily Buzz 7.1.13: Joe Budden hints at Tahiry’s pregnancy

    Video: K.Michelle ‘VSOP’

    K.Michelle goes from breakup to makeup in the visual for “V.S.O.P.” Every couple has their ups and downs, and the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” was definitely in a down moment when the story picked up.

    It was clear that K.Michelle was not too pleased with her boo when she first ran into him, and cameras caught them in the middle of a heated argument before he took off for a wild night at the club. While he was popping bottles with pretty girls, K.Michelle was drinking and brooding in the dark as she thought about all the good things he does for her.

    That’s probably what made it a little easier for her to welcome him with open arms when he showed up. Take a look!

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