Nia Crooks won’t serve jail time for ‘Baskeball Wives’ slap

    NiaCrooks_041812.jpgNia Crooks, the woman who slapped former “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams in the face during season 4, won’t be serving any time for the alleged assault.

    Viewers of the VH1 reality show likely recall that after a tense conversation between Nia and Jennifer, who responded, “I wish you would,” when threatened “random” series newcomer, Nia got up from her seat, walked around the table at which they were sitting and proceeded to strike Jennifer.

    Evelyn Lozada, who was employing Nia as her assistant at the time, almost joined in the melee, but was stopped by security.

    Though there had been a number of bouts on the series prior to that, none of them involved Jennifer who opted to let her attorneys fight back, instead of responding to Nia in kind.

    Jennifer charged Nia with battery, but she has apparently reached a plea agreement, according to TMZ. Instead of a year behind bars, Nia is sentenced to 1-year probation, a $645 fine, a restraining order and 13 weeks anger management. In addition, she’s been ordered to write an apology to Jennifer.

    Last year, Nia stopped short of an apology, but expressed regret over what went down.

    “I just wish my reaction wouldn’t have been that. I can’t take that back now, but that’s the way I was raised. That’s how I grew up. That’s a normal reaction of mine,” Nia told VH1.

    Though many people blamed Nia for instigating the altercation, the incident is believed to have led to Jennifer’s dismissal from the show.

    Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal said Jennifer’s co-stars no longer felt comfortable taping with her, presumably because she preferred to take legal action instead of physically fighting.

    “When Jennifer went on this whole anti-show campaign, it was a little tough for us as cast members,” Evelyn recently told Upscale magazine.

    Though her former “BBW” co-stars weren’t exactly on Jennifer’s side, she gained support from several celebrity women, including Sherri Shepherd and Star Jones who tweeted, “It may be ‘comfortable’ to be quiet when women of color slap the crap out of each other & run across tables barefoot, but #ENOUGHisENOUGH.”

    Returning stars, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami Roman, have promised a less violent “Basketball Wives” when the series returns this summer.

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