J.Drew Sheard strikes out on his own

    J. Drew Sheard is making a new name for himself with a sultry new EP titled Never Coming Back. He began producing at an early age and has since moved on to making music as an artist and producing his own fan base.

    “When I really got serious [about producing] I had to be about nine or 10, somewhere around then,” he told S2S. “I remember because that’s when my mom and dad bought me my first drum machine for Christmas. That’s where it all started.”

    Despite the strong gospel influence from his family, who are heavyweights in the industry, J. Drew has a personal preference for a genre with a little bit more of an edge. He describes his sound as “very musical and soulful chords meets, like, straight ratchet and ghetto trap beats.”

    “Surprisingly, most of the music I listen to is ratchet, trap music. That’s pretty much one of my favorite types of music as of right not,” he said. In fact, J. Drew has an ear for artist such as Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, 2 Chainz and Juice J. “I was always doing R&B and hip-hop on the side, I just never got a chance to bring it to the forefront.”

    This month, J. Drew will be on tour with Young Money Cash Money artist P J Morton; they’ll be doing shows in New York, D.C. and Baltimore from July 12-14.

    J. Drew is creating a new voice, and image, while continuing the Sheard music dynasty. In his steamy new trailer for his EP, My Room, J. Drew is sitting on a bed where there are three girls wearing undergarments only.

    “As far as my parents and my family, they see everything. I always send them links for everything before it comes out, not necessarily for their approval, but just to prepare them” he assured.

    “We have an industry to where the fans love artist for being themselves so I figured that I would be able to find my niche in just being myself and just being who I truly am as an artist,” J.Drew explained.

    “Some of the things I talk about they don’t too much agree with or support, which is understandable,” he continued. “It’s not necessarily a lot of drama. Sometime they get a little nervous off some of the things I might say here and there, but for the most part, they support me as a music producer and their son.”

    You can watch J. Drew and the rest of his gospel family on BET’s “The Sheards” Sunday’s at 8 p.m. / 7 central.

    Until then, take a look at J. Drew’s trailer for Never Coming Back right here.

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