Kenya Moore defends reality TV depictions of Black women

    Kenya_MooreThough they’re living the lavish life, often engaging in fisticuffs and considered celebrities of sorts, Kenya Moore said she thinks reality TV stars are so popular because viewers relate to them.

    “When people…watch our show, they identify with the women that they’re seeing. They’re mothers; they’re business women; they’re married, in relationships or not, and you show them in everyday circumstances, dealing with their problems and trying to navigate their lives and that’s what women identify with,” Kenya said recently during a Essence Music Festival panel discussion.

    Many in the Black community have expressed concern over the images offered by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and other reality shows that sometimes feature minority women arguing and physically fighting.

    Kenya explained that those scenes are the exception, not the rule, and experiences that viewers likely can relate to. The difference is that fans’ lives aren’t being recorded and aired to nationwide audiences.

    “We all have those moments where we yell at our child and we lose control and we feel like the world is ending, but those moments aren’t captured on television. I think that’s the difference. Our show is a reality show and you open yourself up to those vulnerable aspects of your life,” she said.

    While many criticize the depictions of minority women on these shows, Kenya pointed out that, like real life, fans have to take the good with the bad.

    “It’s real and sometimes it’s ugly and sometimes it’s really beautiful,” she said.

    Watch Kenya’s panel discussion below.

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