Chanté Moore broke her own rules for ‘R&B Divas:LA’

    Chante Moore

    Chanté Moore, who once told Sister 2 Sister that she didn’t even watch reality TV because she hates it so much, has made an exception for “R&B Divas: LA,” premiering Wednesday.

    “I was really pleased with the way they approached me, and how they were not looking to be so sensational about the TV show. They weren’t trying to do trickery and they were going to have respect for our boundaries,” Chanté recently told S2S.

    “I love [show creators] Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert and appreciate the fact that they are also artist because they understand,” the “Candlelight and You” singer said.

    Chanté’s storyline will depict her current stage, in live and love: “I’m feeling pretty edgy in my life right now, so hold on to your underwear,” she warned.

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