Evelyn Lozada offers bloody details of altercation with ex

    Evelyn LozadaNearly a year after the incident that ended her marriage, Evelyn Lozada is sharing the bloody details of the fearful moments that changed her life.

    “I had a skirt on, and I was using the bottom of it to wipe the blood off my face,” Evelyn recently told Latina magazine. “I could hear Chad [Johnson]’s car because he was driving around looking for me, and I hid behind that pillar and prayed.”

    It was last August when Chad was arrested on charges of domestic battery after Evelyn fled from him following a verbal altercation that became physical. The “Basketball Wives” star had confronted her new husband about a receipt for condoms that she’d found in the trunk of a car. In the end, Evelyn ended up in the hospital being stitched up.

    Though Chad accepted responsibility for the violent incident, Evelyn said she carries some of the blame, too.

    “I allowed him to treat me that way because I had daddy issues and insecurities and felt like I wasn’t worthy of having a good man,” she said. “I had to look at that and say, ‘Do you not value yourself?’ I made a conscious decision to change.”

    Evelyn sought the counsel of OWN life coach Iyanla Vanzant, and also credited her daughter with helping her heal from the relationship.

    Though some thought Evelyn and Chad Johnson might one day reconcile. The two were seen hand-in-hand at at least one event following their separation, but since then, things have gone sour, and their friendship hasn’t survived, according to reports.

    Many fans of “Basketball Wives” are anticipating a new and improved Evelyn when season 5 of the show premieres soon. She said she’s now aware that her behavior influences others, even if she doesn’t intend it to.

    As she hid from the man who had vowed to love and support her, Evelyn said she promised that she’d never allow herself to be in an abusive relationship again.

    “I remember praying to God, like ‘If you help me get out of this situation, I will never, ever go back to that man.”

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