Kris Jenner may have Kim Kardshian’s daughter on her show

    Kris Jenner said Jay Leno is to blame for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s naming their daughter North West.

    It was to many people’s surprise that baby Kimye did not carry on the “K” themed name that Kim and her sisters share.  Kris Jenner tells the ladies of  “The View” why her daughter, Kim Kardashian, and beau Kayne West chose to name their first child North.

    “I love the name North. I’m pro North. The way she explained it to me was that “North” means highest power and she says that North is [Kim and Kanye’s] highest point together,” said Kris.

    Kim gave birth to Jenner’s third grandchild on June 15. Since then, the name has raised some eyebrows. Kris appeared on the HuffPost Live yesterday where she was less than convincing in saying who exactly chose her newest grandchild’s name.

    “Uhh, I think it was a joint decisions… I think they did it together,” she said.

    Kris is adding to the ever-growing Kardashian empire beginning Monday, July 15 when her self-titled daytime talk show, “Kris,” airs on Fox.

    Kris says that family members will drop in to make guest appearances on her show. Who knows, maybe baby North will make her television debut on “Kris!”

    Jenner may say that naming the baby North was a joint decision, but she also believes funny man, Jay Leno, might have to take some responsibility for the highly publicized name. Watch Jenner on The Tonight Show explain Leno’s part in the naming process.

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