8 things not to say when you get caught cheating

    Kirk Frost had a few questions when Rasheeda found out he was cheating, and they were all the wrong thing to say.

    Kirk yet again stuck his foot in his mouth during a phone call with Houston’s 97.9 The Box when blamed Rasheeda for his decision to cheat.

    “If I’m going through a lot of things that I’m telling you are bothering me, I think sometimes you got to turn the knob down and pay me attention,” Kirk said. “I felt myself kind of out there alone.”

    He added, “Maybe if she was paying more attention, that wouldn’t have happened.”

    Anything short of admitting that you messed up and apologizing profusely is not acceptable. But of the things that someone should not say when they’ve been caught with their pants down, we’ve compiled a list of the worst things to let fall out of your mouth. Flip ahead!

    –Sonya Eskridge

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