8 things not to say when you get caught cheating

    “I had a pass”

    Sometimes people pull the ill-advised move of giving their sweetie the permission to get a little loving with someone outside of the relationship. This is typically called “a pass” or an open relationship. The terms of that pass are clearly defined. Generally, if you have a pass to almost act single, you’ll know it and the parameters of this arrangement are clearly defined.

    Just because you have a pass does not mean that you have to take it. Plenty of people give their partners a pass and those people don’t take up the option of messing around with someone else.

    Think of it like this: You have the option of eating everything in sight when you go to a buffet. You could pile your plate with something from every pan, pot and platter in the building. Most people, however, stick to one or two plates of the dishes that appeal most to them. Just because they have the option of tasting everything doesn’t mean you have to.

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