Daily Buzz 7.10.13: Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Winnie’ gets release date

    Jill Scott set to release children’s lullaby album

    Jill Scott
    Jill Scott’s going to help you put your kids to bed by singing them to sleep. The neo soul siren told Australia’s The Music that she’s releasing an album of lullabies that was inspired by her son.

    “This is phenomenal music, phenomenal lyrics and it’s so good for you – it’s so good for you,” Jill said. “[You can] turn that joker up, walk out the room, [and] let them learn how to go to sleep.”

    Although she’s planning to head out on tour in Australia, Jill intends to put the album out by the end of the year with another studio project to follow next spring. “My plan is to release two albums within my calendar year,” Jill explained. “I started in April, so for me the time is up in April [2014]. I’ll release the first record around November/December and the other one in Spring,”

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