Kenya Moore apologizes for missing NeNe Leakes’ wedding

    Kenya_MooreKenya Moore apologized to NeNe Leakes for missing the “I Dream of NeNe” star’s special day, but she’s still expecting to catch a lot of flack for it.

    “I don’t’ think she’s too happy about that,” Kenya told, explaining that she was in Africa on NeNe’s wedding day. “We actually were on the same flight to L.A. last week, so it was a little awkward, because she was upset.”

    NeNe was one of the few “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars, who befriended and defended Kenya on many occasions. The “Gone With the Wind fabulous” reality star wasn’t exactly on BFF status with the rest of her cast members.

    NeNe invited all her co-stars, including the once-estranged former BFF, Kim Zolciak, but Kenya was the only one who was MIA.

    Kenya said she did tell NeNe beforehand that she wouldn’t be able to attend, but it seems NeNe might not remember that conversation.

    “I was like, ‘NeNe, I told you and we had a conversation about it. She had so many things going on, that I don’t think she really realized that I told her that I wasn’t going to be able to make it,” said Kenya how apologized again.

    “NeNe, I love you. You know I couldn’t make your wedding. You know I will send you the most incredible gift. I will buy several things on your registry, and have them special delivered. You know I love you, and I appreciate you, and I really am sorry I wasn’t able to make your special, special day,” said Kenya.

    It remains to be seen whether NeNe has forgiven Kenya, but Kenya is prepared for some cast member backlash.

    NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore“I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of heat when I’m in the midst of a lot of these women,” said Kenya who is also still dealing with her housing situation.

    The former Miss USA recently vacated the home she was renting, adding a new chapter to the legal battle with her former landlord.

    Kenya was accused of making the payments required to stay in the home. She denied those allegations, but has moved out of the home nonetheless.

    “Today’s victory proves that celebrities can fight back and not be victimized by people who wish to lie about them and use their name or the sake of publicity,” Kenya told

    However, her former landlord, Conya Dillon considered Kenya’s decision to leave a victory for her.

    “I am blessed and very relieved she has to vacate my home,” Conya said. “She begged me to lease my home and live a pretend lifestyle she couldn’t afford. She will get hers in the end.”

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