Phaedra Parks’ ‘Vibe’ defamation trial delayed

    Phaedra Parks, Real Housewives of Atlanta season 5 reunion

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    Phaedra’s defamation lawsuit against Vibe has hit a major snag on both sides of the case! reports that Phaedra’s key witness Justin Cody has gotten himself locked up.

    Justin, who has child with the defendant Angela Stanton, was indicted on charges of Identity Theft Tax Fraud. He allegedly used hundreds of stolen identities to claim more than $600,000 from fake tax returns.

    Angela, who wrote Lies of A Real Housewife about Phaedra, couldn’t wait to announce her babydaddy’s arrest on Twitter. “WELP!!! There goes her star witness 2 weeks before trial. oh’ the irony of it all…#Favor,” Angela tweeted. “Maybe Phaedra can help you…”

    This comes just days before Phaedra and Angela were scheduled to meet in court on July 18.

    Angela’s side of the legal battle has also taken a serious hit as her lawyer decided to quit. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Eddie Beal had been representing Angela pro bono (translation: for free) up until earlier this month. One of the stipulations of their arrangement was that he would only work with Angela until she got another lawyer.

    However, Eddie filed court documents recent to officially drop her as his client “due largely to her depressed financial situation, Stanton has been unable to secure another attorney.” He believes that Angela will be able to get another attorney in the next few months.

    In a letter sent to Angela, Eddie explained that he can represent her in the case because they cannot seem to agree on how the legal situation should be handled. “I will no longer represent you in your case in which you are a defendant,” he wrote. “I am terminating my attorney-client relationship with you because we have irreconcilable philosophical differences regarding how your case should be handled.”

    As a result of Eddie abruptly quitting, the case may now be delayed for five months.

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