Stevie J wants to make Joseline the next Beyoncé


    Stevie J said he’s getting Joseline Hernandez poised to run with  the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna.

    The producer told DJ Vlad that he’s got big plans for his Joseline, but he had to get groomed first. Anyone that saw the first season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” knew that Joseline was a little rough around the edges when we first saw her, but it seems like even that may have been an improvement over how she was when Stevie first laid eyes on her.

    “I saw her on the green screen, pokin out – thugged out. Softened it up, sweeten it up, sexy it out. Let’s get it right,” Steve said. “Can’t be looking like that competing with the Beyoncés and the Rihannas of the world. Gotta get right. Get fixed up.”

    Both Beyonce and Rihanna are known for their work ethic, and according to Stevie, Joseline’s determination is on par with theirs. The way he sees it, Joseline’s passion and drive are going a long way to bringing in some serious cash and he admires that about Joseline.

    “At this very moment, we’re standing at the bank. We be closin deals,” Stevie answered when asked where and Joseline stand as a couple. Although he wasn’t specifically asked about their business relationship, that’s what he continued to speak on. “I can say this: In all sincerity, I’ve seen alot of women in my day. As far as business goes, [Joseline] is going to work seven days a week, so I respect that. As a businessman I respect that, and I value that.”

    But it’s not just about her look and her hustle, he really thinks Joseline has something special. Confirming that he is once again her official manager, Stevie continued, “I’m [managing Joseline] because I have an eye for talent. I know what I believe in and I know what the people want to see and it’s paying off.”

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