Daily Buzz 7.12.13: Mariah Carey worked through accident

    Mariah Carey worked through accident

    Mariah Carey
    A serious accident does not stop Mariah Carey’s hustle! Nick Cannon said that his wife was ready to get back to work right after the serious fall that sent her to the hospital with a chipped shoulder and a cracked rib.

    Nick told “Extra” that Mariah was sitting on a marble surface in a beautiful gown while shooting a video for the remix to “#Beautiful” when she reached out for Young Jeezy and slipped. “She couldn’t maneuver properly,” he explained.

    “I dove and tried to help her,” Nick said before revealing that Mariah suggested some battlefield first aid so as not to waste time on the set. “Young Jeezy was like ‘Yo! Are you alright?’ because she was reaching for him and he was right there and she was like ‘Yo! Just pop it back in and keep shooting.’”

    But even as she was being rushed to the hospital, Mariah was still very present on the set. “The whole time she was on the phone with me like still directing the video, while they were putting her arm back in and bandaging her up and she came back to the video shoot,” said Nick. “She spent two hours and finished the music video.”

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