Tiny Harris ‘heartbroken’ following dad’s death

    Tiny Cottle, Tiny harrisTameka “Tiny” Harris’ father, whose long battle with Alzheimer’s was chronicled on her reality TV series, passed away Thursday.

    Most of Tiny’s fans were introduced to her father, Charles Popes, when BET’s “Tiny & Toya” premiered. Tiny explained her affection and love for her father whose vocal talent she inherited.

    According to reports, Tiny informed her fans of her loss via Facebook and thanked God for the time she had with her dad.

    “Today I lost my father,” she wrote. “Right now Im heart broken and Im sad Im crying because my father was my everything I was [his everything] he was mines I never thought I would lose him this soon.”

    According to SandraRose.com, Charles passed away at his Atlanta home. He leaves behind Tiny, his wife Dianne and two other children.

    Charles was once a member of R&B group, The Tams. Though is Alzheimer affected some of his memories, at times, he seemed to easily recall lyrics to the group’s songs.

    However, Tiny best remembers him as a loving father.

    “He was the best father ever he did everything he can for me he never let me down,” the post read. “I know my dad died with love for me in his heart and no one can ever take his place!”

    Send your condolences to Tiny and family below.

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