5 Most Offensive Remarks from George Zimmerman’s attorneys

    Trayvon Martin protests

    5. “Things would have been different if George Zimmerman was Black for this reason: He never would have been charged with a crime… It certainly wouldn’t have happened if he were Black because those people who decided that they were going to make him a scapegoat, would not have.” —Mark O’Mara

    Say what?! In what country are dark-skinned individuals persecuted and prosecuted less than their lighter-skinned counterparts? The fact that Mark would even suggest that a Black man (in Florida no less) would not have even been charged for fatally shooting an unarmed White man (or in George’s case, a Hispanic), is absurd and contrary to everything the American legal system has proven to be true.

    Mark may have a point that “those people who decided that they were going to” seek prosecution for George wouldn’t have done so had he been Black. However, that’s true because the local police department would have done so immediately.

    As for his accusations that members of the Black community wanted to turn George into a scapegoat, that is equally offensive. Why is requesting that the killer of a 17-year-old boy answer for his actions in a court of law, considered an attack on the shooter? If George cannot stand the heat that comes with discharging his firearm on adolescents, he shouldn’t be packing any.

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