5 Most Offensive Remarks from George Zimmerman’s attorneys

    Trayvon Martin
    1. “I think the prosecution of George Zimmerman was disgraceful… It makes me sad, too, that it took this long under these circumstances to finally get justice.” —Don West

    The Rev. Al Sharpton commented that the above remark from Don was the most offensive of everything said by George’s team.

    “I think more than anything I heard since the verdict, that is the most troubling because what you’re really saying is that you have a young male who committed no crime, had no weapon, and he was killed and how dare you even question us… What he’s saying is, ‘you should just take our word for it. He’s dead. The guy told you a story. So what, there are five or six inconsistencies. Don’t question us.’”

    Don’s comments weren’t just offensive because they scoffed at the idea of holding a killer accountable for his actions. They also offended many because Don described George’s acquittal as justice. He’s entitled to his opinion, and as a member of George’s legal team, some would argue that he should feel that way.

    However, there’s a way to express those opinions without all the righteous indignation. As Al said: “It was the most arrogant display I’ve seen.”

    Did any of the defense’s statements offend you? Leave your thoughts below.

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