Kris Jenner teases talk show audience with fake baby

    Kris Jenner had a surprise for the audience as her talk show “Kris” debuted yesterday, but it wasn’t what they thought.

    With all the commotion surrounding the debut of “The Real” it was a little easy to forget that Kris own chat show debuted on the exact same day. In the weeks leading up to her premiere, Kris hinted that her newest grandbaby North West might make her first appearance on “Kris.”

    Neither of North’s parents, Kim Kardashian or Kanye West, were in the audience for the live taping. However, both Kourtney and Khloé were there to support their mother as she stepped into the spotlight on a set that was plucked right from their home.

    Kris spent a good chunk of the first segment talking about Kim’s clandestine baby delivery, which included a decoy car and meeting Steve Wozniack! After all of that, people assumed that Kris would be bringing out baby North as she teased a very special guests throughout the episode.

    When Kris stepped out onto the set with a little Brown baby in her arms, the audience nearly worked themselves into a tizzy waiting for Kris to announce her granddaughter. Even Kourtney and Khloé seemed confused and interested as to what their mother was about to do.

    The crowd craned for a better view of the bundle in Kris’ arms only to be faked out. It was actually all a very convenient bit of baby sitting as she handed the child off to its real mother, Kris’ stylist Monica.

    “You thought it was [North]?” Kris asked the stunned-and-disappointed audience. “No,no, no, no, no. I couldn’t do that to Kim. That would be kidnapping.”

    She added, “I think Kim’s just got to o that on her own time. Let her enjoy privacy for a little bit and calm down . And when she comes out, she comes out!”

    “Kris” is airing in limited run on a handful of Fox affiliates throughout the country. Check your local listings for times and channels. In case you missed it, catch the entire premiere episode of Kris below!

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