‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 7.16.13

    Rasheeda’s mother comes for Kirk

    When Rasheeda’s mom Shirlene got in Kirk’s face to lay down the law about Rasheeda’s pregnancy, viewers hadn’t seen anything. Shirlene took her maternal rage even further after she found out about Kirk cheating on her daughter.

    Rasheeda admitted that she’s begun looking into possible getting a divorce from Kirk. She’s only contemplating a split because she feels as though she is the only one interested in maintaining their marriage. That was the last straw for Shirlene.

    A real mother hurts whenever her child is hurt, but Shirlene was about to make Kirk feel the pain when he came riding up as she was leaving the house. With all of his recent shenanigans, it makes perfect sense that he came riding into the scene doing a wheelie on his motorbike. Classic immature jerk move.

    Kirk’s half-hearted attempt attempt to go patch things up with Rasheeda were cut short as her mother decided that run over his bike twice, causing it to catch fire! Kirk might want to watch his back because Shirlene said that she was not done with him before she rode off.

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