Does LaLa Anthony advocate sex on the first date?

    LaLa AnthonyShe’s sure some details of her marriage will be shared in her new book, but fans shouldn’t expect LaLa Anthony to reveal too many specifics in The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness.

    “I’ve always been that girl that all of my friends come to for advice about relationships, about dating, about life. So I figured put it into a fun book, but it’s not a tell-all about my marriage to ‘Melo,” LaLa told “Access Hollywood.”

    For those who want more access into her private life, season 4 of LaLa’s VH1 reality show, “LaLa’s Full Court Life,” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

    The book is “more about, ‘Ok. I’m going out on my first date. What should I wear?’” explained LaLa, who offers few relationship rules for her readers.

    At the top of the list, is an “oldie, but goodie.” LaLa advises that women not be so fast to get physical with a love interest.

    “The number one rule I did put out is to make them wait a little bit just because they will respect you more and appreciate you more. If you give it all up in the beginning, then what do they have to look forward to?” LaLa said.

    Though she’s not an advocate for sex on the first date, she said that’s not necessarily a recipe for disaster.

    “I think it can work. I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea; you probably shouldn’t do it, but things happen,” she said.

    Of course after 10 years of marriage, LaLa’s relationship book can’t help but include some tidbits about her successful marriage to the NBA baller, but readers shouldn’t expect a journal about what the two do on a daily basis.

    “’Melo is so supportive of everything I’m doing,” she said. “I do talk about my relationship and marriage to ‘Melo in reference to advice and things. I want to be honest, but…it’s not that kind of book. It’s a fun book for women to just get advice to learn about love, happiness and sex.”

    Watch more from LaLa below.

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