T.D. Jakes comments on George Zimmerman verdict

    TD JakesT.D. Jakes said he thinks more communication across racial lines is what the country needs to ensure that another senseless shooting, like the one that took Trayvon Martin’s life, never happens again.

    Though he admits that he rarely deviates from his pulpit messages to take on social issues, T.D. said the George Zimmerman verdict and its impact on his congregation could not be ignored.

    “The reason why I took exception to this is because my church was so outraged or worried or concerned and upset. It was the elephant in the middle of the room, so I decided just to take a moment and just deal with it,” said T.D. who addressed the verdict from the pulpit the Sunday morning after six jurors acquitted George.

    While many seemed anxious about the possibility of rioting, T.D. said he hopes conversation is what results from the emotions and outrage that many are feeling in the wake of the decision.

    “We’ve brought to the forefront, the underbelly of some of the problems that have been preexisting. Trayvon Martin becomes an emblem and an opportunity to increase our dialogue. We don’t talk honestly and openly from this group to that group. We talk at each other. WE don’t talk to each other,” he told “Access Hollywood.”

    “I’m hoping this will be a catalyst of an ongoing conversation that something good can come out of something so tragic,” he said.

    Some who disagree with the verdict have pointed fingers at the six jurors who found George “not guilty,” but T.D. said to blame the game, not the players.

    “We can begin to reassess our laws, our process, our judicial system and how we handle cases like this,” he said.

    Watch more from T.D. below.

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