Keri Hilson seeks to end Beyoncé beef

    Keri Hilson

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    Keri Hilson is attempting to make amends with Beyoncé over an ill-received diss track that many believe took blatant and direct aim at Bey.

    In her 2009 remix of “Turnin’ Me On,” Keri sang about an unidentified siren that used other people to write her songs without giving them credit. Somehow that rubbed Beyonce fans the wrong way and ever since then, the Bey Hive hasn’t missed an opportunity to sting Keri.

    She added fuel to the fire during one red carpet appearance where she declined to hold up a magazing with Bey and her husband Jay-Z on the cover.

    Speaking of Hov, he and Timbaland were also on bad terms for a while.”Me and Jay fell out, I missed his 40th, he didn’t miss mine he did sent me a gift,” Timbaland told Diddy’s Revolt TV. “I missed his, and it was over petty stuff, it was more personal stuff and disagreements it was not no industry related, it was more personal and I was wrong.”

    While Timbaland and Jay are doing much better these days (he was featured in Hov’s commercials for Magna Carta Holy Grail), Keri may also be hoping to get back into Bey’s good graces with a verse on Timbaland’s unnamed apologetic new track.

    “My verse I’m saying like, ‘We copped the same Range. We talked to the same dames. Same things, same lane. Now we see each other, don’t even speak… Accept my apology.’ It’s like a Tupac kinda s–t. It’s deep. It’s pretty deep,” he said. “Keri actually tells a story about the whole Beyoncé thing and how she was sorry about it because she really wasn’t talking about Beyonce but other people.”

    There’s no word on who those other people might be, but it’s clear that Keri’s ready to bury the hatchet.

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