Lil Mo not playing reality TV blame game

    Lil Mo

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    Contrary to what some might have you to believe, “R&B Divas: LA” star Lil Mo said reality TV shows are not the root of all evil.

    “I’m about to expose some people who be lying about reality shows,” she told “They say, ‘Oh, [the show’s producers] had me looking crazy!’ No, boo, the cameras can’t morph you to look crazy. That was you. They don’t give you a pill or a shot or say, ‘So right here, this is where you…’ No. If you throw something, act a mess, look crazy, cry, mess yourself, that’s you.”

    Lil Mo is relatively new to the reality TV world, and she’s joined a group that’s notoriously criticized for its portrayal of minority women as volatile, argumentative, irrational and materialistic.

    Though the show’s title suggests she may have a bit of attitude, Mo said she doesn’t really consider herself a diva.

    “I wish it was called ‘R&B Chicks Who Can Sing Mad Good and Mad People Know ‘Em,’ because I don’t think I’m really ready to be a diva yet. But, hey, if the shoe fits–this one right here’s gon’ wear it,” she said.

    There’s no doubt that Lil Mo has the talent to be deemed a diva, but as for the attitude, she’s not expecting it to lead her show down the path so many others have followed.

    “I have an image and I am a brand, so I was very meticulous and very adamant about what I put out there,” she said.

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