T.D. Jakes previews new BET show

    T.D. Jakes, LL Cool J

    Sure, it’s the former home of “Uncut,” but BET has been cleaning up its image with shows like “Sunday Best” and the network continues in that direction with a new talk show hosted by T.D. Jakes.

    “I’m talking about everything and I’m talking to everybody. It’s a very open forum,” T.D. told “Access Hollywood” about the weekly program titled “Mind, Body and Soul.”

    The show doesn’t just feature celebrity guests, like LL Cool J. T.D. will also have town hall meetings and discussions on important topics like gun violence.

    Though he’s a well-known pastor whose Hollywood films always include a positive message, he won’t only be tackling subjects from a Christian perspective.

    “It’s not just faith-based. We will talk about faith, but we’re gonna talk about economics. We’re gonna to talk about weight loss. We’re going to talk about families—a lot about families and relationships. As you look into my ministry, you’ll see there’s a great emphasis put on relationships,” said T.D. who believes our relationships determine how happy we are.

    “It’s not how long you live. It’s how well you life,” he said.

    T.D. talks more about his show and offers some parenting advice. Watch.

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