Kirk Frost: Rasheeda understands why I cheated


    Kirk Frost doesn’t think that cheating on his wife and telling her to get an abortion was all that bad, but he swears he won’t do it again.

    When Bossip asked Kirk why he decied to “dog” Rasheeda this season on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” he immediately took offense. “I didn’t dog her, I had to get a point across,” Kirk said.

    Falling back on his defense that no one is perfect, Kirk couldn’t confirm that he and Rasheeda are getting a divorce. If their history is any indication, there’s a good chance that they may stay together because Kirk hinted that this might not be their first brush with marital infidelity. “We’ve been through similar things like that in the past before we even got to this point,” Kirk stated

    “For me to just go play around with a few chicks to try to really p*ss her off, I brush it off as it may have been embarassing to my wife–which I said, ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have did that,'” he continued, “She understands where I was coming from. She don’t like it, and she’s mad, but again, she understands where I was coming from.”

    Unfortunately, Kirk didn’t clarify what point he was trying to make by cheating on his pregnant wife Rasheeda on national TV. However, he did say that he doesn’t plan to fool around on his wife again.

    “I don’t want to be just running around,” said Kirk. “I definitely won’t be playing Rasheeda like that anymore anyway. That’s not going to fly in her book. I crossed the line, I already know she ain’t playing with it.”

    What many people have lost sight of is the fact that Kirk and Rasheeda already have a son together, and he’s been in the house witnessing their animosity. Kirk seemed to be pretty non-chalant as he claimed that their son hasn’t really been affected by all the drama at home. Kirk said, “At this point he understands what it is, and what it was and it was nothing.”

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