Rihanna breaks down in tears to thank fans

    Rihanna was overcome with gratitude for her fans during a recent show in France over the weekend.

    Not many people can say they have several Grammys, a stack of #1 singles, a #1 album, and countless sold out shows all over the world. That’s why Rihanna counts herself very lucky to be able to live that life, and she knows that her fans had a major hand in her accomplishments.

    Rihanna was having a great time on stage at the Grand Stade in Lille, France, when she had an emotional moment near the end of the show. She had just wrapped up singing her hit ballad “Stay,” when she began tearing up.

    It’s not that anything was wrong, but RiRi was just struck by a moment of profound gratitude during the Diamonds World Tour, which has seen fans throwing chips at Rihanna and an incident where she hit one person in the head for latching onto her.

    “Thank you so much. I can’t believe this sh-t. Y’all make me so happy, this is everything that matters to me,” Rihanna tearfully said before launching into “Diamonds,” which was the last song of the night. “To stand here and feel the love in this room throughout this entire tour–it’s coming to the end of the tour and it’s sad. I hate saying ‘Goodbye.’

    She added, “You guys showed me so much love in this room tonight. …Thank you so much, I love you guys.”

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