Daily Buzz 7.23.13: Kelly Rowland drops ‘Dirty Laundry’ video

    Kanye West releases ‘Black Skinhead’ video

    It took a little longer than expected, but Kanye has finally dropped the interactive experience that is his video for “Black Skinhead.”

    Instead of just giving fans something they can watch for a few minutes, Kanye wanted to get viewers involved like one of those create-your-own-adventure books. You can decided how to watch the video by changing the speed and sound of the video. And it’s not until about a minute into the video, where three hooded figures form the backdrop, that you realize the Kanye you see on screen is actually an animated version of the rapper.

    The official release for “Black Skinhead” comes weeks after the Nick Knight-directed video was leaked online and quickly yanked from pages everywhere. Kanye promised that fans would only have to wait a few more days, urging web publishers to remove the leak. Click here to see if it was worth the wait.

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