‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 7.23.13

    Rasheeda wants a divorce

    While Joseline was focused on getting Stevie to think about marriage, Rasheeda was looking at ending hers. In short, Rasheeda’s pretty much done with her marriage. After weeks of putting up with Kik Frost’s disrespect and betrayal, the Georgia Peach has had enough.

    The rapper revealed to her husband that she plans to file for separation and he seemed genuinely surprised. In his opinion, Kirk doesn’t believe that he did anything that bad. What’s abortion and some cheating between a husband and wife, right?

    The last straw for Rasheeda came when she pictures of some woman grabbing Kirk’s crotch during another guys’ getaway to Benzino’s cabin. Doing his best to dodge any accountability, Kirk expressed that he did not want to seem rude by refusing to take pictures with some of Benzino’s female guests.

    To which Rasheeda, questioned, “So you got peer pressure with ya grown a*s?”

    It wasn’t a good enough answer for Rasheeda, who stated that she was pushing ahead with a separation. Kirk still didn’t seem too worried, though, because he said Rasheeda has nothing, completely forgetting the fact that he’s on her payroll.

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