Sanya Richards-Ross: Reality TV helped my family

    Sanya Richard Ross

    Photo courtesy ESPN

    Not everyone was on board with the idea of reality show at first, but Sanya Richards-Ross said doing a series for WE tv has made her family stronger!

    “I think one of the things about reality TV is it’s almost like therapy because you really have to go through the issues and find a solution,” Sanya told S2S. “For me, I think it really helped us to have the show. I think we all grew closer together.”

    The Olympic Gold Medalist in track will be starting in her very own show titled “Sanya’s Glam and Gold,” starting July 25. On the show, Sanya will balance business and family as she and her sister run their own boutique. Owning a store is already a daunting task, but there’s an extra challenge when you got into business with family.

    “In the first episode, you really see more of my sister and I, we’re best friends,” Sanya said. “[We're] both very stubborn. She has her ideas for the business and I have mine. We’re trying to figure out what our roles are, and you’re going to see a lot of that in the first episode.”

    It was no easy task getting everyone excited about the prospect of welcoming cameras into their lives. But Sanya found that her two favorite guys were particularly tough to convince. “Both of the men–my dad and my husband–were kind of resistant to the idea at first. My husband is very private, he just got off of Twitter probably about a month ago,” Sanya said.

    As most pop culture fanatics know, reality TV can sometimes be the kiss of death to a relationship, so Sanya didn’t want to put her life under the microscope until she was absolutely sure her family could handle the pressure and come out stronger on the other side.

    “Relationships can sometimes end on reality shows, and we wanted to make sure we were at a good place in our marriage and as a family before we did something like this,” shared Sanya. “Finally, they all came on board and, like I said, it was really a good experience for all of us.”

    And as far as her union, Sanya said that she and her hubby, NFL player Aaron Ross “made a promise to each other that our marriage would always be a priority.”

    Take a look inside Sanya’s life when “Sanya’s Glam & Gold” debuts July 25 at 10 p.m. EST on WE tv.

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