5 things that ticked me off about Dorion’s ‘Catfish’ love triangle

    This week’s episode of “Catfish” was a gloriously ratchet train wreck that irked my spirit to the core.

    Tuesday’s episode of MTV’s “Catfish” bothered me. It bothered me more than usual because, to put it simply, Dorion came off like a huge, selfish jerk.

    What set him apart from most other victims on the show is that he couldn’t decide whether or not to continue pursuing a relationship with an online love, even though he already had a deeply committed girlfriend in real life.

    But as the saying goes, there’s levels to my confusion and disbelief when it comes to this ratchet love triangle. This episode was an offense to my sense of self esteem, self respect and common sense. Flip ahead to see what really rubbed me the wrong way.

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