5 things that ticked me off about Dorion’s ‘Catfish’ love triangle


    It was really hard not to feel bad for Dorion’s girlfriend Rafinee. This is a young girl that invited him into her home when he had nowhere else to stay. How does he repay her love and hospitality? By continuing an online relationship with another woman. Not only did he have an online girlfriend, he told his real-life girlfriend that he wants to see if there was a chance that he could have something real with his digital jumpoff.

    Most women with a little more life experience would have packed Dorion’s bags the second they found out that he was in love with someone else. Especially if he was totally willing to give them up for the mystery chick. Alas, Rafinee is young and naive, so she was waiting on Dorion to return to her.

    Adding insult to injury, Dorion took down his couple shot of him and Rafinee when Alexis got upset about it. That, to me, is a clear indication of who held more value to him. Had “Jeszica” really been who she said she was, Dorion would have dropped Rafinee without a second thought.

    If Rafinee, doesn’t see that Dorion’s actions as a sign of trouble ahead, we hope she’s built up enough self esteem to dump him the next time he picks up a sidepiece. No man that is perfectly willing to leave you for someone else–especially someone he’s never even met– is worth your time, love, respect or affection.

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