5 things that ticked me off about Dorion’s ‘Catfish’ love triangle

    Black Twitter

    As a rule, Black Twitter can be hilarious and cruel all at the same time. They will go in on a target without relent with pictorial memes and trending topics. This week’s “Catfish” inspired a feeding frenzy of ridiculousness. While I would normally laugh off all of the jokes (or possibly crack a few of my own…don’t judge), Black Twitter took aim at the wrong person this time.

    Instead of focusing most of the wrath on Dorion, Rafinee was the major target of ridicule as people butchered her name; I saw users calling her Referee, Rafiki and Raffle ticket. But it didn’t end there as people visually compared her to a pug, a gremlin and Pookie from New Jack City.

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