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    Jay-Z gushes about Blue Ivy


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    Blue Ivy has Jay-Z wrapped around her little finger and she inspires him every day. During a chat with BBC, Hov could not stop gushing about his baby girl

    After taking a little time to be a dad, Jay-Z has dropped his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail. Although it requires long hours in the studio, he still makes Blue his priority. “Any time away from your child better be important,” he said.

    Even the time he spends in the booth is touched by Blue as he mentions her in his songs. “I’m a writer. So, literally, I’m saying, ‘The birth of my child gave me this new energy and focus’ so ‘Blue told me to remind you’ but just the energy and focus she gave me,” he shares. “So, I’m using a metaphor to say that her energy and presence gave me the focus again to remind you exactly who I am.”

    Even though baby Blue is just 17 months old, Jay told BBC that he’s well acquainted with her personality and he sees a lot of himself in her, explaining, “She’s very thoughtful and very inside her own mind. Pretty much like her pop.”

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