Daily Buzz 7.25.13: Phaedra Parks names new son

    Kim Fields pregnant at 44

    Biological clock be damned, Kim Fields is having another baby! The “Living Single” star announced on “The Real” that she and her husband Christopher Morgan are expecting a son soon!

    The new baby will be joining big brother Sebastian, and his arrival has been longawaited. They’re so excited about their little man that they’ve already decided to name him Quincy “It was planned,” Kim said. “We’ve actually been trying for a couple years. We had gotten pregnant twice and [miscarried]. Chris and I were very blessed to really have one another, to have our family and friends and our God to really get us through that.”

    Since Kim is 44 years old, she didn’t think she was pregnant at first, rather that she was going through the change of life.

    “Funny enough, for a minute I thought I was getting pre-menopausal cause certain things were starting to be irregular and then other symptoms started — my memory and I was clumsier than normal, which I couldn’t even believe was possible,” Kim explained. “Then our son got sick with a stomach virus and I caught it. Chris said, ‘No, babe, you’re a little sicker than Sebastian. You need to go and get that checked out.’”

    She continued, “They tested me and said, ‘Oh, honey, you’re not dehydrated. You’re two months pregnant.’”

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