Ginuwine blames TGT performance on 5-hour Energy

    TGT, Tyrese, Tank, GinuwineFollowing a recent TGT performance in which crooner Ginuwine seemed a little less than focused, rumors began to swirl that the “My Pony” singer might have a drug problem.

    However, Ginuwine said his excessive blinking and blank expression could easily be explained, and it wasn’t an effect of cocaine or any other illegal drug.

    It was 5-hour Energy that messed him up.

    “I popped a damn 5-hour Energy drink, and I didn’t know that would do that to me,” Ginuwine told

    Ginuwine joked with fellow TGT members Tyrese and Tank about getting up early that morning and getting more of a boost than he expected from the caffeine-laden product.

    Watch the fellas discuss the incident below.

    The fellas talk to below. Watch.

    Watch the questionable performance below.

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