Tamera Mowry-Housley denies dissing Rihanna

    Tamera_RihannaTamera Mowry-Housley took to Twitter to defend herself against gossip that she threw shade in Chrihanna’s direction.

    “Rihanna’s or Chris’s name NEVER came up in that the interview,” Tamera wrote. “Please don’t make up situations at my expense…Please don’t put words in my mouth.”

    The controversy began after Tamera spoke to cocoafab.com about being a “traditional” and “old school” wife and mother. Apparently, liberties were taken when Tamera advised women to “dare to be different” and not follow the crowd. That was somehow led to a mention of Rihanna and Chris Brown, arguably an “untraditional” couple.

    Though it’s not uncommon to hear celebrities throw shade at one another, the Mowry twins, Tamera and sister Tia Mowry-Hardrict, normally avoid controversy and celebrity beefs. They’ve been in the spotlight since their teens and haven’t been involved in the drama for which some stars are well known.

    Tamera didn’t waste much time addressing the rumors and clearing the air.

    “To cause a controversy…that doesn’t exist is NOT cool,” said Tamera. “I absolutely love @rihanna.”

    Though Tamera shared her confusion over why the infamous couple was included in her comments, she said she’s not holding a grudge.

    “I forgive you guys :)  I just had to clear that up:)” she wrote.

    To read Tamera’s interview, go to cocoafab.com.

    Read Tamera’s tweets below.


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