5 reasons to go see ‘Fruitvale Station’

    Fruitvale Station, Octavia Spencer

    It’s a Great Film

    While the debate over the contributions of Tyler Perry’s movies continues, few filmmakers, critics or moviegoers disagree about Fruitvale. There’s even Oscar buzz surrounding actors Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer.

    There’s no doubt that slapstick and comedy are popular in the Black community, and films like Think Like a Man and The Best Man draw crowds, but supporting Fruitvale will send a message to Hollywood that audiences aren’t just interested in being entertained. Supporting Fruitvale will make studios aware that Black audiences want more than just the formulaic films that earn millions every year.

    Fruitvale Station takes a look at an experience that’s uniquely that of minorities and if received well, more of our stories may make it to the big screen.

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