‘Sweetie Pie’s’ is back: Miss Robbie and Tim dish on season 4

    It’s the return of “Welcome to Sweetie Pies,’” OWN’s hit reality series! And while the cast members toil to maintain the soul food restaurant’s two newer locations, at the Mangrove and West Florissant, they’re saying goodbye to the one that started it all.

    “We closing our first location. We’ve been putting money into that place for 17 years. That was my first baby, my first labor pains,” matriarch Miss Robbie told S2S. The NAACP Award-winning reality show stars Miss Robbie Montgomery, a former Ikette, her son Tim, his on again-off again fiancée Jenae, their 2-year-old baby boy TJ, and of course, troublesome Lil’ Charles.

    Tim is the brains behind the expansion of the Sweetie Pie’s brand. Perhaps, like Sylvia’s Soul Food Restaurant in Harlem, Sweetie Pie’s may make its way to the shelves of the supermarket?

    “We’re trying to do a lot of things right now,” Tim said. “It might not be fast enough for some people, but we’re working.”

    The season will find Tim and Jenae dealing with loyalty and commitment issues. “We’re co-parenting,” he said of their current status. “We’re going through some struggles right now with this new life that we’ve been blessed with, and we’re doing the best we can.” And as far as them being together forever? “It’s a roller coaster ride!”

    Miss Robbie thinks that Jenae has been playing it smart. “She didn’t give back the ring,” Miss Robbie said. “I told Tim if he doesn’t marry her, I will.”

    Meanwhile Lil’ Charles lives with cousin Tim, eats all his food and spends his days caring for his many pets. “He has moments, where I see a glimpse of hope in him,” Tim said. “But the majority of the time, he drives me nuts.” Miss Robbie said her 20-something-year-old nephew needs the family to push him into manhood. But there’s also drama from the federal government and the State of Missouri. They may have to relocate their new restaurant due to zoning issue and state-wide expansion. But they won’t go without a fight!

    “We’re holding on,” Miss Robbie said. “I’m 73 and I got my gun, and I hope they got theirs.” Season four of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” premiered July 27 at 10 p.m. EST on OWN.

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