5 lessons we can learn from Joseline

    BONUS: How you get him…

    Previews of tonight’s season 2 finale show that Stevie J might try to pull a fast one on Joseline! Somehow, Mimi’s being dragged into the mix and that doesn’t make Joseline too happy.

    But it’s not the first time that he’s done something slick. Did he not take some of the money Joseline gave him and then hand it to Mimi in a new purse? And remember how Mimi was staying at Stevie’s place in the beginning of the season?

    Now this would be clear signs that Stevie’s a cheater who can’t appreciate a faithful woman, but in Joseline’s case it might just be a swift case of karma. Remember, Joseline was Stevie’s jump off last season when Mimi thought he was committed to her.

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