Chaka Khan: I’m boycotting Florida’

    ChakaKhanNewPRShotMay2012Regular2-Joy105.jpgAlthough Chaka Khan took a brief hiatus last month to rest her vocal cords, she has announced that she is prepared to start performing again.

    In honor of 40 years in the entertainment industry, Chaka is heading to her hometown of Chicago for a performance this weekend. During the homecoming she will be receiving her own street, Chaka Khan Way. Among other celebratory events, she will also be releasing a commemorative limited edition CD titled The iKhan Project.

    In an interview with Huffington Post, Chaka said the album is almost finished and she thinks fans will be pleased.

    “We’re just about finished. I have to go in and redo some vocals. That’s about it. It won’t be long. And it’s so good. It’s worth the wait,” she said.

    In the interview she also announced that she would be boycotting Florida in order to take a stance against the ruling in the George Zimmerman trial.

    “Well I am boycotting Florida. I had a booking there last week and I cancelled it. But if any tribute comes up I’ll do it. Absolutely,” Chaka said referring to a tribute for slain teenager Trayvon Martin.

    Chaka is among many artist who have decided to boycott Florida including Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Madonna, Usher, Rihanna, Pattie Labelle, Kanye West and others.

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